2015 Ford Taurus -mirror trouble

When attempting to adjust both side mirrors the mirror moves all the way the right and then clicks until I turn the mirror selection switch off. Both sides have the same problem. I can manually readjust the mirrors but, i’d prefer to have my auto adjust switch working.

You might need a new adjustment toggle. I think it’s supposed to be a momentary switch that turns on when you press it left/right and up/down, then off when you release it. If I understand your post correctly, there is a second on/off switch. The directional switch is the one I mean. You can test it by getting access to it with power, then test the power out side with a VOM. If you see voltage out in the off state, the switch is broken.


I’m guessing there’s a computer involved, which needs to first place the mirror in a known orientation before it can then adjust it to it’s stored-data automatic position. For some reason it is not recognizing the known position, and the clicking means it has over-run the known position and doesnt know what to do. There’s probably a position activated switch in the mirror mechanism that has failed. Also look for broken or chaffed wires in the mirror area, especially wires that go from door to car body in hinge area, visible only when door is open.

Replace the mirror switch.