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Electric Driver Side Seat Problem

004 Sienna XLE Ltd. Just started having issue where the seat will not adjust frontward or backward for leg length. All other adjustments,raising/lowering and back rest tilt work fine.When I try to move the seat forward it twists from the left rear towards the right front like it is stuck. I have looked and can see no obstruction that is prohibiting the seat from moving.
Any thoughts as to the problem and how to repair?


You answered your own question…

Find the “stuck.” Likely something rather solid has fallen into the set track and jammed it up. Might also be that the track itself is buggered up. Start looking. I’d strongly consider removing the entire seat assembly to look for it. Good Luck


It’s been a while since I’ve had a seat apart but there should be only one motor for the front back operation and then would use a cable, spring, rod, etc. to transfer the motion to both sides. So yeah something is sticking on one side. You’re gonna have to take the seat out and you can even unbolt the seat from the mechanism and look at it while checking the motion. Good Saturday morning project. Add coffee and watch out for the air bag.