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Subaru Legacy 2010 passenger seat

Just a few days back, the front passenger seat of my 2010 Legacy ceased to move forward and backward. So no one can
feasibly sit in the front when I’m driving unless under 5’ tall. The lumbar and seat back motors seem to be working
just fine, so just the back and forward function/motor is dead. I initially thought something was stuck in the tracks that
hold the seat in, but checked all of that out and nada. The motor makes no sound or vibration.
Has anyone else experienced this problem with a Legacy (or other Subaru), and how did you fix? I’m not a mechanic by any
means, so I’m looking for a reputable shop or perhaps, somewhere to purchase the broken part and have a friend put in. I’m also
surprised the seat mechanism seems to be broken in a 4-yr-old car with low mileage.

Thanks in advance for comments and suggestions!

-CFranc77, Washington, DC

Have you checked that there is not a separate fuse for this function on the seat.


I will check, and thank you for the suggestion!


Check mechanics files at the top of the page for a mechanic in your area.