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Electric car locks unlocking in Honda

My Odyssey very intermittently will unlock all the locks. I haven’t been able to correlate it with -anything- like rain or heat or cold. I’d say it unlocks the doors twice a week. I always drive with the doors locked and pretty much drive every day. Oddly, I had the same problem with my Honda Accord! Never had it fixed or troubleshot. Any ideas of what the problem is?

Where is the remote when this happens?

That is a great question! The remote is on the keychain, hanging from the ignition. My knee cannot reach it and I don’t think it is being triggered accidentally.

Maybe you have a door ajar. Some models will help you keep from locking the keys in the car by unlocking the doors if you try to lock them while a door is open and the key is still in the ignition switch.

It has the little car in the dashboard that lights up a portion of it when the corresponding door is not closed. That doesn’t light up when this happens.