How to CLEAN an EGR VALVE vs. replace

Can an EGR Valve be cleaned? I saw no harm in blowing-out and brush cleaning off accessible soot on my EGR valve (1989 Century 2.5L, 4cyl, 151 eng.) but though the engine runs ok I now have a CHECK-ENGINE LIGHT. Most places want an arm and a leg for what appears to be a very simple vacuum-type part. Therefore any reliable cleaning advise would be much appreciated.

If it is inoperative I doubt if it can repaired by cleaning. They tend to corrode when they return hot exhaust to the intake for so many years.

If you have a working one, cleaning the blocked passage will help. Non working ones can have worse blockage. If it doesn’t open, it doesn’t work.

i just take mine out, and shake it. if the inside clicks (is mving freely) it reinstall it. if it doesn’t click, it gets replaced.

I’ll betcha you could find a bunch of theses in a salvage yard . . remove and clean 2 or 3, see what you come up with. Most salvage yards will change you only a few $$ for one of these . . . now, the question . . . what would I use to clean it? Maybe Seafoam, Techron . . . how 'bout it folks? What cleans carbon and soot the best? Rocketman BTW . . . look for one (in the salvage yard) which is identical to yours, low mileage, maybe a wreck, and watch how you remove it . . . you’ll need to know this when you remove the one on YOUR car. :0)

why bother buying used???

a new one costs like 12 bucks or so.

Considering the age of the vehicle the EGR valve may need to be replaced. The EGR may have a ruptured diaphragm and cleaning will not accomplish anything.
To find out if the EGR is defective connect a piece of vacuum line to the EGR and, lacking a hand vacuum pump, suck on the hose. If the engine stumbles then the EGR is working.

After that make sure that vacuum is provided to the EGR by the engine when running.
If the EGR is bad they’re available from AutoZone for about 60 bucks. That’s not bad considering many EGRs retail for well into the hundreds of dollars.

You may be thinking about the PCV valve, which is a lot cheaper than the EGR valve.

oops, youre right.

the last egr i bought was 80 bucks. as homer simpson says, DOH!

The only salvage yards that will sell this (most likely) will be the yards that are self serve/ you pull it type.

I think your thinking of the PVC valve. The OP was talking about the EGR valve.

To add to ok4450 some cars must be warmed up for a certain period before the EGR system works. Best to buy a repair manuel and it should tell you how to test the EGR system.

At Auto Zone auto parts Web site, a note states that " this EGR valve cannot be tested with a vacuum pump". Your repair manual (present, or future one) should tell you why it can’t be tested that way.

I used electronic cleaner, sprayed a good amount into the side slots of the egr valve. I did not even have to remove the valve from the engine. It worked and saved me about $80.00 for a new valve. I have a 1996 Dodge Stratus 2.5 with 146,000 miles on it, common problem with these cars.

Having done it multiple times on my old F250 with the 6.0 L Diesel, it can be done. It’s not that difficult.

Take a small stainless steel bowl. You can buy one at Wally World for about 4 bucks. Put the Egr valve in the bowl with the electronic part up and the valve part down. Take a can of Acetone and pour it in the bowl but do not submerge the electrical part, just the valve and the body of it.

Let it soak over night.

Next morning or day take an old tooth brush to it and it should clean up real well.


how i wish mine was only 80 bucks they want 236.00 for a new EGR valve for my geo prism