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Eclipse Engine Immoblilzed

I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse and it recentlystarted having a problem where the engine does not crank. I have full power, the lights and radio all work, but the engine does not turn. It makes absolutely no noise at all, either so I know it’s not a broken starter. The first place I took it to said it was a failed communication between my remote keypad and the car computer which was causing the immobilizer to kick in. That fixed it for a few days but then it failed again. I’ve had to have it towed to the dealer 3 times now, and they still haven’t fully fixed the problem. Originally they tld me that my crank sensor had failed and had to replace that. But that didn’t fix it either because it has failed 3 more times since then. Any ideas as to what possibly can be causing this??

If there is no starter solenoid click sound when the key is turned to the START position it could be one of several things.
Faulty ignition switch.
Faulty neutral switch (automatic transmission)
Faulty clutch safety switch (manual transmission)

This is easily tested by probing the small wire at the starter solenoid. If power is not proivided at that point when the key is turned then one needs to back up to those things I mentioned. This should not be hard to figure out at all.
No idea why they would replace a crank sensor for a “no click, no start, no turn over” symptom.

If this is an automatic transmission vehicle try shifting into neutral and then seeing if it will start. If it does the neutral safety switch is probably bad.

Thank you, I really appreciate your input and advice.

this is a nice story,but if the car will not crank it has zero to do with the immobilizer system,#2the remote also has zero to do with this system,and I doubt for a second that the dealer installed a crank sensor for this condition,but now if your talking alarm system,thats an entirely different animal(but still would not warrant a crank sensor).still 3 times to the dealer? tell the dealer to put the trained guy on it not the lube jockey.or the other guy who specializes in some other brand.

maybe you should try a Mitsubishi dealer (kidding)

Hey. Thanks for the input. I thought the idea of replacing the crank sensor was kinda fishy. You mentioned the alarm system. Do you know of a way I could determine if it is something to do with the alarm??

I insatlled a security system fot the GM Dealer called “immoblizer” and it did disable the cranking function of the starter, in fact I installed many of these systems (all you did is open the circuit to the starter solenoid and input the hot side into the “immobillizer” and the output went to its original destination,pretty easy) to remove the system all you did was crimp the wire back together.

The system did have a F.I. disabling feature, but I never hooked that feature up.

i also installed those old system,and aftermarket systems do disable the starter,this system only does that when the alarm is active,not the immobilizer.I’m baseing everthing on an OEM system ONLY.

to the OP check the alarm starter relay ,under the hood fuse block.
and as stated above in the first post,these relays had intermittant problems.