93 eclipse wont start

about 4 days ago i went out to my car, a 93 eclipse, to go to work and i get in turn the key and i get a click, thats it just click; i was not thrilled by this response from my car because for one thing it was thundering and getting ready to rain and i had to walk to work. first i looked around the corner to see if “Mr. Murphy” was there laughing at me but didnt see him; so i while i was getting a second shower on my way to work i tried figuring out why my car would be so mean and remembered that the day before i got in my car to go to store and when i started it up it sounded like my battery was almost dead, so i borrowed a charger but my battery is fully charged so now i have no clue as to where to begin. starter, ignition, fuse, so on and so on, so any ideas would be a great help; one other thing i replaced the mas air flow sensor about a year ago with a used one from a junk yard but that car was a working car minus the back end that got crushed by another car.

You might need a new battery or a new alternator. Get a charging system test done by a mechanic or possibly an auto parts store.

A defective regulator component or diode inside the alternator can drain your battery when the car is not being used. It once happened to me with my 92 Buick.

thanks for the input guys, but it is actually my starter checked my battery it was fully charged so i started checking everything else alternator, coil, and even jacked up the car crawled under and checked the starter to see if any wires came loose and then for laughs and pure frustration i smacked it with a wrench; crawled out and turned the key just because and it fired up. it still dont start all the time but i just tap on the starter with a wrench and it fires up; just hope it works till pay day when i can get a new one. thanks again for responding.


Here’s an idea, if you want to be economical

Bring your starter to an auto electric shop to be rebuilt