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1993 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0 non-turbo : intermitant spark on cyl. 2 and 3

replaced computer, coil pack, and power transister module(used parts) ohmed wiring harness seems to be ok.fails only at start up, once started never fails. usually comes back when i keep trying to start a few times

any ideas woud help

If it’s only on cylinders 2 & 3, then it must be one of the components in those cylinders. Have you replaced the spark plugs, yet? I didn’t see those in your list, and that’s where I would have started.

I agree with chaissos. Make sure you have OEM spark plugs installed and, if this model has a distributor, an OEM cap and rotor. If any of these parts is aftermarket it can cause trouble. You did not mention the age of your spark plug wires but if they are old or they are aftermarket you should replace them with OEM wires. Japanese cars are especially fussy about aftermarket changes to ignition systems.

new plugs new wires
i have a 1993 mit. eclipse 2.0 non-turbo and im getting intermittant spark on cylinders 2 and 3.i have already changed the computer, coil pack, and power transister module(all used parts from wreacking yard) its always when i first start the car this problem occures. once the car is started it never fails. when it does fail if i try long enough the spark will come back. any ideas???

does the cps camshaft position senser have 1 or 2 outputs? because 1 and 4 spark at the right timebut 2 and 3 dont

or crankshaft position sencer