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Dust boots ripped on Front Shocks - 2011 Jeep Cherokee

Hi guys, I recently bought a NEW Jeep Cherokee 2011 Laredo and it’s making a horrible growling grinding noise. I took back to dealership and was told the Dust boots are ripped on the front shocks and the noise is the springs rubbing against the boot. They have to order the part and told me it is still safe to drive this car. I do not feel safe driving this car, it is driving more sluggishly now and making even louder sounds and also appears to have something leaking from underneath the car. I spoke with Jeep Chrysler today who told me there is nothing they can do and that it is safe to drive and they will let me know when the parts are in. Your thoughts?? I appreciate it, I am so frustrated.

Ripped shock dust boots might cause a little noise, but nothing like what you describe, nor would any fluid leak out, nor would it affect how it drives. Take it back, have them drive it with you, something’s not right.

…and just remember that EVERYTHING on the car is covered by warranty.

Even if the dealership denies that there is any mechanical problem, if and when the car breaks down, all repairs will be covered for the duration of the warranties (there are several, with varying periods of coverage). More than likely, you will even be covered for towing during the first few years.

For your own protection, I suggest that you read the details on all of the car’s warranties.

Thank you. They said it is covered by warranty and my rental car should be as well but now they are trying to charge me for the rental car, it’s a big mess.

Here’s an idea.

Take your Jeep to an independent mechanic, and have him look at the car, and see if he can locate the source of your issues, and get his opinion on what the problem actually is. If he says the Jeep is safe to drive, then keep driving it, and stop trying to get a rental vehicle from Jeep.

If he says it isn’t safe, then have him give you a written estimate for the needed repairs, and take that to the Jeep dealer, and tell them you want the problems fixed, and that they need to give you a rental vehicle, NOW.


It’s very odd that dust boots (plural?) would be ripped on a new vehicle so I have a few questions.

Is this leak you mention underneath the front shock area or is it elsewhere?

Is this noise you mention present while the vehicle is stationary?

Has anyone other than this dealer been servicing this vehicle, etc.?

Based on the info provided I can’t say whether your vehicle is safe to drive or not. Torn dust boots is not a problem; the leak or noise could possibly be a problem though. It depends.

The leak is in the front, it drips out after I turn the car off, not sure if it’s water or not. But when driving the car it sounds like something is ready to fall out from underneath the car, it’s hard to describe. When I parked my car this morning at work it smells like something is burning. Going to drive back to the dealership today, should be fun.