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Buying Cherokee, hesitant because of rust

I found an awesome 01 Cherokee with only 100k miles. It’s basically on consignment at a lot, and the owner of the jeep bought it in Connecticut and brought it here to NW Arkansas to sell it. The underside is pretty rusty, but then again I’m not sure what “bad” rust looks like. I just need some opinions if this looks like something I should avoid! I replied to this post with the other two picturesults I have.

You should have really crawled underneath and taken some more pictures of the “frame”

I put that in parentheses, because that Cherokee is a unibody

But based on those 2 pictures, it doesn’t look too bad, considering where it’s spent its life

What is the asking price, and is it in decent mechanical shape?

I’m guessing the guy is NOT asking a rock-bottom price . . .

Bottom line . . . without more pictures, I can’t really recommend or discourage

You’re not planning on using this as a daily driver, are you?

I will be able to get more pictures of it today. The owner of the Jeep was asking 6900, the owner of the lot knew he would go down to 5900, and we got to 5000 with the trade in of my 03 Crown Vic, which is in pretty bad shape as I’ve been using it to deliver mail for almost 2 years now. I was planning on using this Jeep as my daily driver, and I don’t like how you worded that! :stuck_out_tongue: Why do you think I shouldn’t be? As far as under the hood, I’m far from being a mechanic, but it starts great and runs really smooth. The only iffy thing I noticed were the brakes had to really be mashed for a while before it would come to a stop. It might just need new pads, and maybe that’s just how the older jeeps drive. I have no experience with these!

It is really quite simple. If the vehicle you look at makes you wonder if you should buy it and you go on the internet asking if you should then you should move on and find something else.


+1 to Volvo’s post.
Without putting the truck on a rack and poking a few suspect areas, it’s really impossible to tell how deep that rust is. You’re right to be wary. Your gut is trying to protect you.

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Thanks for all the input! I got some better pictures, and it doesn’t look very good. It definitely has an oil leak too. However, the owner of the lot does offer some different warranties, if that changes anything I’m not sure.

well having own two jeep a 1988 jeep wagoneer and a 1999 jeep Cherokee and living in south Georgia. I love mind. no rust but every jeep owner I know have electrical problem.

Run from that bucket of rust. There is rust on a patch welded to the passenger side floor channel and a spring support is about to break out. It’s not a vehicle anymore it’s scrap iron.


Yes, it does change things. Do you really want to spend money on a warranty that will cost too much and really not do much then be my guest.

There are thousands of used vehicles out there to look at so do so.

I just saw the recent photos. Forget this now!


Alright, everybody has been so helpful! I’m definitely going to look for something else. I may be back with more questions:P Thank you for all the input!

Oh good Lord! Run! Run as fast as you can! That thing has HAD it! :scream: