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2014 Jeep Cherokee grinding noise when driving

Car makes grinding noise while driving. May be the drive shaft that is the problem.

Other owners have reported noises related to the transmission. It could also be a bad wheel bearing. A good mechanic with hands on the vehicle can tell you for sure.

Thanks you for responding. I took it to Carmax and they verified that it was the drive shaft and I’m waiting on it to be fixed. Thanks, again.

Good deal. Take it to shop for evaluation.

Do you think that they are a reputable car dealership compared to the others. I didn’t know much about them before purchasing my car. I also, didn’t know that the Jeep Cherokee was known to have so many transmission issues.

If they are fixing the driveshaft problem w/o cost, then I guess that they are reputable. In every part of the country, there are some dealerships that are notoriously bad, and others that are… decent.
I can’t comment on Carmax as a result of personal experience, but if they didn’t fight you tooth and nail on repairing this problem, that would seem to be a good sign.

Well, this doesn’t help you after purchase, but I have to tell you that Jeeps–in general–have a reputation for having more “issues” than most other marques.

According to Consumer Reports’ surveys of car owners, the major problem areas on the 2014 Cherokee include the engine, transmission, AWD system, fuel system, power equipment, and in-car electronics. They also noted that a lot of owners of 2014 Cherokees complained about rattles and leaks.

Thanks for the advice and yes, since I’m under warranty with them they’re going to fix the part with no cost to me. Unfortunately, the part is backordered from Jeep so it’s just a matter of waiting on them.

Glad to hear the problem has been diagnosed and a fix is on its way. Happy motoring.