Duplicating transponder keys


Hi all,

I recently bought a 2000 Ford Focus, and only got one ignition/door key. I’d like to have a couple of spares made, but understand that I need blanks with chips in them. I found a website selling the blanks, but the site advises that a dealership would have to activate the key.

Do any of you have experience with buying blanks from outside vendors? Would it be better to go with the dealer entirely?

Thanks in advance,



I have a f150 and I took it to a locksmith. He used a obd2 reader kind of tool to access the ecm and made the duplicates. If I had two keys would had cost less, it was $52 each key. Should have asked the dealer when I got the truck…


Don’t mess with getting blanks from the internet. Go to a good key shop, some hardware stores, or dealer to have them made for $50 each.