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Ford Taurus Key Question

I have a 2001 Ford Taurus. I heard this key has a chip in it and is pricey to replace. I want to get a spare key made just to unlock the car. It doesn’t have to start the car, just unlock the door. This way when I lock my keys in the car, I’ll be able to open the door.

My question: Can I have a new key made that’ll just unlock the door? Or do I have to get the chip as well?

I’d rather spend $2 than $40 or more.


Yes, they have a brass key #H75 that will turn all the cylinders.


These days many hardware stores and locksmiths have the ability to make copies of chip keys. It’ll still probably be around 20 bucks or so, but that’s a lot better than the $150+ it used to sometimes cost when the dealers had the exclusive ability to do this.

You might be able to get just a door key made, but it might also be that all of the late-model Ford key blanks only come with the chips already. It may also be the case that a chip-less key is only marginally cheaper than one with the chip.


And, if you have 2 chip keys , YOU can program your own additional keys up to 8 total. Instructions in your owner’s manual. When you’re down to just one or none then you must see the dealer. Maybe now’s the time to program a few extra chip keys so as to never be stuck without.

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I just did exactly that. I had a physical copy made of my key for $1.79 at Lowes just to unlock the door. Worked perfectly. The biggest challenge was having it made. I had to find an old fart my age at the hardware store that was willing to make it for me. They tell their employees not to reproduce encrypted keys.

The blanks alone for my car cost $90 each. I priced them when I wore through th erubber membrane over the FOB buttons. Instead I made a new membrane by buttering on some RTV silicone silastic. Worked great!

Chip keys ,cut but unprogrammed, are just $25.00 each. ( Gallup NM Ford dealer ) and brass keys cut, no chip , are just $ 4. I sure hope that $90 for Mountainbike was the programmed price … for two .

Nope, it was the uncut unprogrammed price…for one. The idea was to get a blank and just replace the cover with the membrane.

In my case the key FOB buttons are built into the key’s head. I suspect that was why the cost was so high.

ok, I see now. Yes the all-in-one key/remote is 90 and the same h75 brass blank will work the doors , as you’ve discovered.

In this cold weather many people want to warm up their cars but be able to lock the doors. The plain brass key is a great idea for that.

I bought two keys for a 2002 Ford Taurus (with the embedded chip) at The price was $23.00 each. I paid $2.00 locally to get them cut, and I programmed them in less than 5 minutes.

As others noted, with the Ford, you need two working keys in order to program a third by yourself.

If you don’t have two working keys, you’ll find much better prices at a locksmith than at a dealer to program it.

You might want to check around at the larger key shops in your city. The courts recently have said that the manufacturers must share the programming technology with locksmiths. Not all have purchased the expensive equipment needed for the job, but some have and in general offer far lower prices than the dealer.

Note that if you lose one of your two keys you must have the replacement key programmed with a plug-in tool that few, outside of dealers, have. It will cost a lot less to get a third programmable key than to replace a lost one later. Try internet shopping. Check your owner manual for programming instructions although the internet sources can help with that as well.

I agree. In my case I made it to keep in my change pocket in case I lock my keys in the car…which, despite systems to prevent doing so, I did. I had to call a cab to take me home to get my spare…I avoid slimjims!

OK so I have a 2002 lost the Faub and chip key for ignition is there any way I can get the chip key replaced without going to the dealer

First, I would start a new thread instead of reviving and 8 year old thread. Second, call around local Locksmiths. They are they only options other than the dealer


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It seems your question was answered so I see no reason to start a separate thread on the same subject unless he feels his answer was wrong. Contact your local lock and key service, they can usually program new keys at your vehicles location saving you a tow to the dealer.

My initial comment had more to do with being more careful looking at the original dates on these threads as necrothreads seem to be revived on here rather regularly…

@Temperance_Black, no worries. Again, just check the original date in the upper right hand corner :slight_smile:

That is not a rule violation, only a few have difficulty dealing with this. Two common responses to new members are “start a new thread” and “this question has already been answered, use the search feature”.

thank you all much appreciated

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