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1999 Ford Ranger - Lost Chip Key

I lost my igniti key - the key with the chip in it. Where should I get an inexpensive replacement?

You will need to have a mobile locksmith that can make and program a new key to your truck come to you.

Or get your truck towed to a Ford dealer.

WE had a second key with a chip that works. What is our best course to avoid a mobile locksmith or having the truck towed to a Ford dealer? Can we take the second key somewhere and get it duplicated? Thanks for you input.

You had or have a second key ? If you have a key that starts the vehicle call some lock smiths and see if they can do that. I think that even ace hardware can make a duplicate .

OK, Thanks for the tip about Ace Hardware - I’ll try them tomorrow, Volvo-V70.

A locksmith or Ace hardware will not be inexpensive but they will be cheaper than the dealer. When you are there, see how much a 3rd key would be, it may be much cheaper than the 2nd one.

Yes, I doubt Ace or any hardware store can “Clone” the new key to your existing key, but worth a shot.
Almost any locksmith should be able to “Clone” the key, but a new key programmed to your truck would be better.

Walmart has chip duplication service for older (before mid-2000) vehicles

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can one then just buy the 3rd key and not the second???
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :joy:

If you use walmart, (or Home Depot, etc.) - be absolutely sure you try the new key BEFORE you leave the parking lot. That’s good advice anyway, but especially those two places. I have learned from experience to not use those folks for house keys.

Thank all of you for your great advise! Long story short, we
saved big bucks when my lovely wife found the “lost” key on the
floor mat of our other vehicle. She has decided not to take my
keys away from me yet, because even though I’ve just completed my
85th orbit around our small local star I want all of you to know,
I feel like a new born baby. I have no teeth, no hair and I’m
wearing a diaper! Thanks, again and thank you “car talk” for us to
be able to ask this question and get some great answers from
people who want to help!

Love and Stuff to all. Ardath and Dick Grotto.