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Dunk in right front wheel-area after fully turning, car halted. Now, at high speed the car slightly wobbles. Anyone know what could have happened?

The other day I was backing out from a parking lot. I fully turned the wheels, backing slowly, and suddenly I heard a dunk, and the car halted in the same moment, like something locked the front right wheel. I started driving, and everything seemed fine, but at higher speed 60km/h and up I feel a slight wobble in the car (not steering wheel, but whole car), and I can feel it’s coming from the front right side. I’m afraid I don’t have much experience with the mechanical stuff, maybe someone here could help? Do anyone know what this could be?

(Renault Scenic 2003)


Jack the car up, and grab the tire at the 3 & 9 oclock positions and try wiggling the tire.

Now grab the tire at the 6 &12 oclock positions and try wiggling the tire.

The tire shouldn’t wiggle.


Could also be a cv joint

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Whatever the cause it needs to be looked at by a mechanic. This does not sound safe to drive. Preferably have it towed.


Agree with both above but realize they are talking about cars in general. Renault models have not been sold in the US in many many years except in the case of some AMC cars in about 50 years ago and our current Nissan Versa which I understand is based on a Renault model.

Thanks for reply! I tried wiggling it in both angles, but the tire itself doesn’t seem loose, still tight

It crossed my mind. Do you think with the wheel fully turned, something might have squeezed against the CV joint, or the axle? Since the wheel itself isn’t loose, I suspect that something might be slightly bent, causing this wobble

I have no idea because I can’t see it. But considering how and when it happenned, I would suspect steering component failure. You have probably ruled out a bad wheel bearing. So the next place to look would be the CV joints because this is the most likely cause for a wheel lock up while the wheel is turned. This as said earlier this needs to be looked at and diagnosed for safety. Once Car is safely sucured in th air it would probably be pretty easy to see what the problem is. Could be a CV joints or lose steering rack or loose or worn suamspension part. If you are not going to do it yourself, you should have someone experienced look at it right away. Usually the cause of the failure is evident on diagnosis. If not it should be evident by observations made after the repair.