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Car wobbles at high speeds when I veer right

We have recently had a series of problems fixed on our car. First were the front rotars. Next was the struts in the back of the car.

Now we have yet another problem. When driving down the road, everything seems fine until I veer right at higher speeds (above 45mph). The car proceeds to wobble for about 5 seconds, then everything seems normal again. Other possibly related symptoms are: a “wha wha wha” noise at the front right of the car, but the steering wheel does not shake when the car is wobbling (as far as I can tell). Is it the bearings? The axle? The front struts being out of balance with the back? The alignment?

Have you verified that the lug nuts are properly tightened?

I’ve checked twice now. It’s not a loose wheel (if only it was just that though!)

The sound and shake make me think of bad wheel bearings.


removing front rotors means car was on lift. maybe mechanic did not look at any other part inside wheelwell. tie rods, ball joints, broken springs, you replaced rear struts (not common) and did not even think to do front struts?

Try swapping the front tires with the rears.

If the wobble goes away when turning, it may mean one of the tires that were on the front has a belt separation,


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On my old e36s, a speed-dependent wobble when turning, such as when changing lanes, was an indication of failing ball joints on the front control arms.

It’s time to take it off the road until fixed. If you lose a ball joint or break something you could hit a van full of lawyers’ kids.


This might not be related, but check your sway bar. My 1997 Camry, with 240,000 miles, was behaving strangely. Brakes that sounded like they were worn, front end shimmy at freeway speeds on irregular surfaces, and a couple of other symptoms. I was about to get new brake pads and struts, when my mechanic said it was all because of a broken sway bar. Something worth checking.