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Driver's side wheel wobbles

I have a '99 VW Bug which I love but is feeling its age. Right now, the driver’s side groans when I turn left from a stopped or very slow moving position. My mechanic said that it is the “rack” (I’m not sure I’m remembering it exactly right) and that it’s ok for now but will need repair soon.

So, recently, my driver’s side wheel has started to wobble when I approach 60mph. I realize that this isn’t safe. It’s in the shop now but I’m wondering if people have any ideas before I get the $1000 call.

Thanks so much!

Depends what “wooble” means. Starting simple and the most likely, your wheel weight is missing on that wheel and the tire is imbalanced which would pronouce itself around the 60 mph.

Thanks for the response - I think I mean that it feels shaky compared to the action of the other tires. I’m hoping it’s something as simple as balance!