I have 2001 Toyota Highlander. I recently have noticed that at speeds around 35-45 mph I feel a wobble or rumble, probably in the front end. It is not noticeable at higher speeds. At first I thought maybe a XMSN problem, but now think it could be front end. Any suggestions on how to check this out?

Could be a number of things. A wheel bearing going bad is one, and a CV or U-joint in the front drive mechanism is another. Even a tire going bad due to belt separation, out of alignment, or cupping can make noise.

Inspect the tires, and run you hand over the tread to check for cupping. Then get the car up on a lift and check the bearing and joints to see if there are any signs of roughness as you rotate the tires and drive shafts.

Many thanks Uncle Turbo – will check those possibilities.

If you don’t feel like checking the tires yourself, go to most any tire store and have the tires inspected for free. They certainly could find an obvious problem. I agree with Uncle Turbo. It sounds like a broken/shifted belt in one of the front tires. But if the wobble/rumble symptom increases as you gun the accelerator, it’s probably in the drive train.

Does the steering wheel move left to right when the wobble occurs, with your hands off the wheel momentarily? That would be a broken/shifted belt in one of the front tires. Please keep us informed. KS

One quick test you may be able to do yourself is to rotate the tyres front to back and see if there is a change. If so it is a wheel or tyre, if not you have ruled those out.

I will first check tires then other suggestions and report back. Thanks all!

It turns out problem was locked up break caliper on driver’s side.

Just a thought. Have you got snow? If so you may have ice or snow build up in/on a wheel causing the problem.