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Wheel well noise when making a right-hand turn

So recently my car began making a noise when I make a right-hand turn. It started off only making the noise when making a very hard right turn but has began to occur with “lighter” right-hand turns. the noise does not change pitch or frequency with speed.

I took the front wheels off and inspected both wheel wells for loose fittings, joints and parts then for excessive wear and tear, felt the rotors to see if there was any major grooves but found nothing. I turned the steering wheel with the drive wheels off and on but could not replicate the noise unless actually driving the car and making a right-hand turn.

Anybody have any ideas?

Most likely, the left front CV joint is telling you that it is going to automotive heaven very soon.

You did not tell us either the model year or the odometer mileage of the car, but if it is more than…lets say…7 years old, I would suggest that you replace both CV joints as one is inevitably going to follow the other to its grave.

It a 2003 Subaru Forester with 85k so yeah its exactly 7 years old. thanks for he input!