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Dull, Droning Noice

We recently changed shocks on our '99 Durango which has over 200K miles. A low, droning sound has been noticed, seemingly in the lower front of the vehicle. Slight increase in the sound level at higher RPMs. What do you think?

I wonder if this is just road noise that was attenuated by the old shocks but gets passed on by the new.

Failed mount that is causing metal to metal contact between engine and body?

Always there but you are paying more attention due to the shock work.

Lastly, some error in mounting shock (probably at top)

“Low, droning,” “lower front,” and “increase with RPMs” makes me wonder if this isn’t a wheel bearing. Also it’s believable on a car w/ 200,000 mi.

Does it sound as if it’s coming from one side or the other? Does it worsen when taking a high speed turn, either to the right or left?