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Forester droning between 40-50 mph

I drive a 2007 Subaru Forester X (auto) with 87,000 miles. When driving between 40-50 mph, I can hear and slightly feel a droning noise/sensation. This occurs while accelerating, braking or coasting through that speed range only. I drive on newer tires, but do not experience any shake or steering vibration. Unfortunately, I can’t recall if the droning occurred before the new tires were installed. The droning noise is reminiscent of deeper exhaust note. Thoughts?

Have your wheel bearings checked.

It was the driver’s side rear wheel bearing. I didn’t know how bad the droning was until after the bearing was replaced. Not only did the droning stop between 40-50 mph, but also at all other speeds. What i thought was road noise at lower speeds turned out to be the bad bearing.