Dodge Durango dinging, pinging noise



1999 Durango w/ 65,000 miles. When starting there is a pingin, dingin hoise from the engine. Sounds like a bearing. When the engine is warm, the noise disappears. Been to the dealer several times w/o success other than eliminating the water pump as the problem. Any ideas.


Probably valves ticking like crazy, then quieting down as oil pressure builds up. This truck has hydraulic lifters, and uses oil pressure to maintain proper valve lash. This is a common problem for older cars and trucks. As long as you do not rev up the engine until it quiets down, it should be OK, just an annoyance.


How long has it been doing this? Just for fun, get a oil filter from the dealer and have it used with your next oil change and try a premium full synthetic oil of the weight specified in your owner’s manual. Don’t rely on an oil change place to know, much less use the right stuff