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Driving Cobblestoned

I just moved Paraguay where many of the roads in the capital of Asuncion are made of cobblestones. Since I arrived my car has developed several new rattles and squeaks, which I can only attribute to the rough roads. As a result I have two questions. (1) Is there a systematic way I can go about repairing the rattles and squeaks? (2) Does is cause less wear on the car to drive faster over cobblestones? Regarding the second question, it seems like it would cause less wear because the ride seems smoother.

Like washboards, if you can get it up to 45-50, you will “get on top of it” and the wheels/tires will stay on the tops of the cobbles with much less wear and tear…Also dropping you tire pressure to around 24-25 PSI will make a big difference…You must limit your speed to about 50 with the low air pressure…