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Tires squek

I have a 2002 nissan xterra and every time I make a sharp left turn the tires squek. what would be causing this.

Have you verified that the tire pressure is correct, as per the label on the driver’s door jamb?
(DO NOT inflate the tires to the maximum pressure listed on the tire’s sidewall!)

If the tire pressure is correct, how old are the tires in terms of both odometer miles and elapsed time?

Where does this phenomenon take place? Is it on paved roads, or in a parking garage, or…?

Maybe a stupid question but is the vehicle in 4wd currently? 4wd is dangerous and crappy on non-slippery roads.

I’d check the tire pressures and the wheel alignment.

It’s not in 4WD, is it?

If this is a part time 4wheel drive system it is designed for off-road(mud ,grass ,or dirt) or at slow speeds only on snow covered pavement. At slow speeds on dry pavement it will only chew up your tires, make noise and wear out parts, at high speed it can put you in a ditch or spin you like a top.

It’s also possible that this is the way it is supposed to be. Many cars and trucks are designed for - at worst - slight steering inputs. When the steering wheel is turned fullly in one direction, one of the tires is dragged (due to the steering geometry).

Are sure sure it doesn’t do this on sharp right hand turns?

How did you come to the conclusion that it’s in 4wd??

On eother possibility is that the squeak is coming from the brake wear indicator rather than the tires. A simple check of the brakes can confirm this or rule it out.