'91 Toyo Celica, 245?k, Clunking over Bumps

While driving at highway speeds, my Celica clunks (it sounds like undercarriage is hitting the ground on the front end, just under motor) whenever I hit chuck hole. (Yeah, I try to avoid 'em, but can’t always meet the goal, so I end up stiffening for the impact instead.) As well, the back end does a really bothersome death rattle when passing (at slow speeds) over speed bumps. …What the heck is wrong with it? Aside from the aforementioned issues, the car runs like a dream, steers without issues, and depressing/releasing all four corners of car results in 1 bounce, then utter stillness (without any noises). I cannot seem to recreate the noises when car is not moving over uneven roadways, but it seems like front and back tires travel(?) too far before returning to level surfaces. Please, anybody, help me figure this one so I can get it fixed.