What is this squeak in my xterra?


Hi, I have a 2005 Nissan xterra with 6,900 miles on it. I bought the car new and right after I got it the squeak started.

It sounds like it is coming from under the car sort of in the middle. There is no ryme or reason to it. I hear it mostly when I am going around 20mph but maybe that just be because the car is quieter at that speed. It seems to happen on slightly bumpy roads but on the really big bumps I don’t hear it.The dealer has looked at it several times. They have adjusted the sway bars but the squeak came back. I just don’t know what to do but if I ever sell it the prospective buyer won’t go for the squeak.

Any suggestions I can ask the dealer to check?

Thanks, JJ


I have 2005 frontier with squeaks at same speed especially on rough city streets. Same song at dealer. I talked with tech on aol I met and he said mine was the torque that was/was not applied where some of the plastic or fiberglass is bolted to metal. Insufficient padding or whatever they do. But mine started at 5/000 miles and still going at 17,000 sporadic and never when at dealer!!! Not sure how to solve either. I’m sure no one here ever heard of it either!!! trugrit657@aol.com


I would say it’s nmost likely in the suspension if bumps cause it. Big bumps probably push the suspension quickly past the squeak area. I would look at the shocks and springs first.


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