Tire Shake at 60 mph

I have a 2005 Mazda 3 with 59000 miles. I just bought new tires and rims. I went from 16 inch to 17 inch tires. I was told I need rotors since there is shakingin in steering wheel when I break.

However, there is also shaking in the steering wheel when I drive at 60 mph or faster. The tire place added some rings (can’t remember the real name, but not spacers) and said that would fix it. Well it didnt’ fix it. Now I go back and they tell me its the rotors, wehre previously tehy said the rotors would only effect the braking.

I had the balancing checked twice at this place and once at another place. Still have shaking after 60 miles.

Coudl it relaly be the rotors or should I just turn the wheels back in and start over with someone else (they are willing to give me my moneyback minus labor).


Did you have the shaking before you got the new rims? If so, it may be the brake rotors. If not, I’m wondering if the rims you bought were either a different offset (www.carbibles.com has a good primer on wheels and tires) and the rings were in fact spacers or the rims were “generic” wheels with slotted holes that have inserts to make them “one size fits all”. If they were, it’s possible they don’t quite center properly with the inserts.

By the way, the rotors can be checked and the runout measured at any competant shop.

alignment? Try for a second opinion at another shop. Rotor problems are the worst, but i would try different rims also. Rotors are probably the cheapest way to go right now. check for loose or worn joints in steering system.