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Driver's arm reast

Upholstery on driver’s side door arm rest is worn and torn from normal use. Never saw this before on 10 year old cars no less three years old. Suggestions? Thanks

How about taking the car to an automotive shop that specializes in convertible tops and upholstery?

If you are handy, remove it replace the fabric and reinstall…shouldn’t be hard to do.

Is The Arm Rest An Integral Part Of Door Trim Panel Or Does It Look Like A Separate Component ?

Most arm rest are not upholstered, but rather the covering and body are molded as one piece. I think you’ll have to replace either the arm rest or the door trim panel / arm rest assembly.

Like you, I’ve never heard of such poor quality (maybe a rare defect) . . . unless that big old Rolex is chewing into it !

I’d usually recommend an auto salvage yard if you can find your color and style, but this could be one of those parts that “they all do that”. Better go new.


The OP’s word “torn” suggests that it was upholstered.

Even if it wasn’t, covering it with upholstery would be my solution. Perhaps even a piece of soft leather.

being a member of Tommy’s cheapskate club, i found a nice sock that matched my interior color and pulled it over the armrest; it was a nice tight fit and turned the right way didn’t even really look like a sock. the open end was tucked under/inside the joint and it looks fine. i didn’t have worn out fabric, rather i put it on to keep it from wearing out or getting dirty.

rereading the post i realize you’re talking about the door arm rest and i was talking about the one under the driver’s right elbow. don’t have any suggestions for that side.