Car with right side arm rest

Ready to buy my first car. The main feature I want is a right side arm rest but I have only seen these in trucks (e.g. Toyota Highlander) but I want to buy a four door sedan (e.g. Toyota Camry). Is there a way to install a right side arm rest? I drive like an old lady and I am really tense when I drive so I get shoulder pains without an armrest. Help!

Many cars have a center console, and the top of which can be used as an arm rest… Sort of… I find myself doing this on mine sometimes. Other than that, perhaps a mini van? Some of these have armrests.

I wouldn’t worry so much about the armrest. I’d try to find one with a very comfortable seat that keeps you in a comfortable driving position. If you find the right seat, you may not need the armrest.

If you’re that tense when you drive, maybe you should consider letting someone else do the driving most of the time and/or take some driving instruction that might help you be more relaxed on the road.

My youngest son has an older model Camry and it has a factory arm rest between the seats and as far as I know, most or all Camrys have padded arm rests.

There are some companies (can’t think of the names offhand) who manufacture add-on arm rests and a host of other things like this for vehicles that are not factory equipped with them. A net search may pull something up.

I can’t think of a fairly recent Taurus that I’ve seen that doesn’t have a center arm rest. Those with bucket seats have fixed rest and console. Those with bench seats have one that folds down from what would be the front center passenger’s seat back.

I agree that you may need to take steps to keep from being so tense while driving. DUI is not an option.

Even though my Honda Civic didn’t come with an arm rest, there is obviously a place to install one. I can see where one would attach and I can see the little covers that now obscure the mounting points. Perhaps the answer is to find the car you want, and then find out of it has a place to install in arm rest.

Have you looked at an auto parts store for a center armrest? They make them in numerous configurations, and cars like the Camry being so common I’m sure there must be one.

An option would be to stick a firm pillow between the seats. just be sure you don’t block the parking brake lever. While it’s not intended to be an emergency brake, it’s a good idea to leave it accessible…just in case.

The Acura TL, for one, has a sliding padded arm rest covering the center console’s storage bin. I believe the TSX has one as well. And because they have one, the Honda Accord probably does too, since the Acuras are just Accords with window dressing.

Thank you so much for all the great answers. I did not realize that there were so much options with the armrest. I was going to let the arm rest determine what car I buy but I will take your advice and find a car first then figure out how to give it an arm rest. I am working on the tense driving thing and hope that it will ease the more I drive regularly. Thank you.

Take a look at the Accord around 2005. My EX V6 has a center console with a padded arm rest that pushes forward. If it is the right height for you, it could be a good fit. There are lots of sedans with the center console/arm rest. You task will be to find one that fits you well. Another option might be to get a small pillow to put under your arm if none of the consoles fit you properly.

I bet there are some trim levels of the Accord that don’t have a center console, just like the Civic.