Replacing a Honda 2012 CRV-EXL Driver Door. Is it possible?

I am wondering if it is possible to find a driver side door and replace the whole door on my own with the help of a few family members. We have a full shop of tools and lifts to use, as we restore older cars as a hobby. My CRV was bought with a dent in the door and I would like to get it fixed, but my local body shop is estimating roughly $1,600 to replace the door. The dent cannot be repaired, so they recommended a new door as a “cheaper” alternative.

Is this something that can be done or do you need a body shop to do this kind of work? Any advice is welcome!

I don’t think it would be very difficult. Just make sure you find a door from the same trim so the electrical sockets fit. Look at car-parts dot com and see if you find doors that also matches the color.

Any electrical connections between the door and the body will have to be disconnected.

This means getting inside the door and unplugging the wiring harness for all these connections.

Then, you remove the harness by pulling the rubber conduit from the door to the body and pull the harness out of the door.

Now the door can be removed mechanically.


It depends if you care how it looks. You can get a new door, but it has to be painted. Who’s going to paint it? You could get a used door that is the same color, but it will likely be almost the same color. Can you live with almost.

You should be able to do it, check out, enter your info, see if one in your color is near you.

This is true, but often you get the “almost” the same color and finish if you buy a new panel or door and have it painted. Depends on the color too. If he’s lucky, he’s got a white car :grimacing:

But the job of replacing the door shouldn’t be that difficult for a group of guys who restore cars.

I agree with what has already been said… is where id start.
You dont necessarily need the same trim level because you can just swap out everything from your old door into the new one…which is what i would recommend you do anyway.
Your next option would be to “skin” the door… or “put a door skin on”
This is assuming the door shell or structure in not also damaged .
With this option you will still need to paint the door to match but its a cheaper alternative to a new door shell and if your not looking for perfection you can usually find someone to spray the door “without blending other panels” for a few hundred dollars.
Ask at your local auto paint supplier if they know someone who does paint work on the side.

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If a replacement door isn’t available from the local auto parts recycler yards for a reasonable price, the door skin approach might be a good alternative.

I’d be inclined to just re-skin it and paint it. Prolly already done it to other cars if you restore them. Either way removing and reinstalling a door is not rocket science but can be a little heavy and getting it adjusted again is another issue.

I was once gifted a Kia that needed a rear bumper. Got lucky and the local junkyard had one in stock, same color (black) and when I put it on, you couldn’t tell the difference. It kinda made sense because both cars were of about the same age and were lived there life in the same state. Pretty much like twins.