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02 cavalier driver window no longer working

I have a 02 cavalier and about a week ago the driver side window decided to slowly stop working. I would have to assist it to close. Thursday I decided not to open it at least for the rest of my new England winter. Saturday morning while grabbing a coffee at a drive through I remembered the window was broken when it stopped 1/2way. It is now almost closed, just enough room to stick a pencil through. Any ideas what might be wrong and could I fix this myself?

Things like this are often repairable with minimal knowledge. If you want to give it a shot, pick of a repair manual - Haynes or Chiltons are about $20 & available at auto parts or book stores.

Since it wasn’t a sudden failure I wouldn’t suspect a fuse, but you may as well check it anyway.

The first thing to try is to get the switch out of the door - I don’t know how yours comes out (hence the handy manual). Sometimes the switch console just pops up out of the top. Sometimes you need to remove the interior door panel (generally not that difficult). Get some electrical contact cleaner and clean the switch & electrical plugs really well - pull the fuse before you do that & let things dry out before putting it back in. That alone might help. Inspect the wiring & such while you’re at it.

But another likely possibility is a dead motor in which case I would certainly not proceed without a manual. Sometimes you can just replace the motor. Sometimes you replace an entire motor & regulator assembly. This will be annoying, but isn’t undoable. A shop manual will give you trouble shooting steps for making sure you can identify the problem.

Do you have an indoor garage? Just asking in case it is winter-ice reated.

You probably need a replacement window regulator/motor assembly. I’ve replaced many of these in GM vehicles. And how should I say? It’s made CHEAPLY!


Replace the window motor.

SOMETIMES it’s just a question of lubrication. I’ve fixed a lot of slow ones by using silicone spray lube on the channels or wherever the glass rubs. If the motor is indeed shot, such lube would have probably helped it to live much longer.