Driver charged over car with no steering wheel

I don’t really have a question, I just thought some of you would get a kick out of this:

Maybe you have stories of similar or superior hackism?

I guess my question is for the owner of the car in the article, and the question is: REALLY???

LOL!! Who knew they had rednecks in Australia??

"A 38-year-old Northfield man is facing charges including driving while disqualified and returning a positive drug test."
Yeah, like we didn’t see that coming.

I’m surprised it wasn’t stolen. Usually thieves get around the Club by cutting the steering wheel off and driving with a pipe wrench or vise grips clamped to the steering column.

It would be perfectly legal to use a vice grips in place of the steering wheel as long as an inflated balloon is attached to the vice grips for an air bag.

I dunno, looks like a good format for a tool commercial. “Vice grip, A tool you can trust”.

A little backstory I read elsewhere is that this guy is a repeat idiot. His family assumed if they removed the steering wheel, it would ground him. Obviously a mistaken assumption.

The lesson = lay off the crank

Seems like it would have been a whole lot easier to just hide the keys. Yee haw…

A steering heel probably would not have helped, not having 2 blown tires and probably not being igh as a kite might have helped.

He has not only raised the bar of what’s dumb, he’s hurled it skyward. His family must be very proud.