Quick release steering wheel legality

Hello! I just installed a quick release wheel, and was wondering if I were to park my car and take off the wheel, if a cop were to see the car without the wheel while my car is parked, could he still give me a ticket in Ontario? I know they’re illegal here, but what if I’m in a private parking lot or something?


This is not LegalTalk it is CarTalk…

That said if you KNOW they are illegal, then they ARE illegal no matter where your car is sitting.

It is also a dumb idea. Removeable steering wheels are for racing cars, NOT for street cars. Yeah, you might think it makes your car harder to steal but, No.


… and I seriously doubt if any of the US-based regulars in this forum are familiar with Canadian statutes.

But, another thought comes to mind…
If the OP’s car is so old that it lacks an air bag, why does he think that a thief would want his car?

Don’t you have vehicle inspections there? If so, how do you expect this car to pass if it’s illegal?

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The way lawsuits go a thief could try and steal the car, wreck it and get a settlement due to you removed the steering wheel :frowning:


I guess you mean Ontario, Canada and not Ontario, California. Call the Mounties and ask. They won’t know who you are. If they get too nosy, just hang up.

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But, why would he want to ask the cops in his own country, when he could ask folks in a different nation, who have zero knowledge of the laws and regulations in his country?

Surely it is preferable to ask anonymous people in a different country for their “authoritative” and completely unofficial opinions regarding the laws and regulations in Canada.

Is the headquarters for the World Wide Web located in New Jersey? I thought this thread would reach more people.


Civil negligence lawsuits are much more difficult to win in Canada than the US and if you lose you will often have to pay the winners legal fees.

What sort of negligence could one be responsible for with a parked car?

No, nor is it located in Nevada or any other US state. However, the fact remains that virtually all of the regular members of this forum reside in The US, and are unlikely to be experts on the laws of a different nation.

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No matter where the OP is located an opinion from the web by an anonymous person means nothing as whether they can be ticketed on their own property .


Hi Parben99:
Does this impact your insurance?

Assuming your car had an airbag and now does not, if you get into an accident, does your insurance company have the right to refuse payment?

I understand they can refuse payment. But it’s more important for you to find out.

If the car is parked on private property, there’s no need to worry about getting ticketed. But once you begin operating it on a public thoroughfare, be careful…

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More important, does it impact your chest?


I can’t speak for your area but I’ve gotten sideways more than a couple of times with law enforcement about what they think they can or cannot do on private property. In every single instance; nothing.

Remember that Canada has gone relatively authoritarian in recent years.

Also, ask a local car club if there is any focus on enforcing this. Sometimes you just get one officer in an area that cares about enforcing things like this. We have one in my town that goes after window tint and has a meter to test.

Remember that there is often a good reason why something is illegal such as modifying the safety of a car from factory.


I’m not usually based in the USA but I do know that in many States (probably most if not all given the amount of statute standardisation especially with vehicle use and definitions) publicly accessible parking lots are considered part of the definition of “roadway” or “highway”.

Could they refuse payment if a seat belt was not used? A seat belt is much more important than the airbag. At least it was before the days of seat belt load limiters.