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Steering wheel wrap, Circuit Style!

My “Sport Grip” steering wheel cover was getting a little tattered and I didn’t care for the plastic cord wrap and the fact that it doesn’t cover all the way around.
So I had an extra roll of bicycle cork handlebar tape around.

I did the bottom half first since that’s where I keep my hands most of the time.

I’ll get another roll for the top later.

It looks great the way it is. The Club might rip it over time.

It does look good!

However, on a totally different topic, I have a useful tip on the use of that “Club”.
In case you never thought about it, a resourceful thief armed with a dent-puller can remove The Club’s lock cylinder in a few seconds, thus rendering The Club useless. And, because of this reality, some car thieves do have a dent-puller with them when they go trolling for cars to steal.

If you want a no-cost upgrade to your security, you should install The Club with the lock cylinder facing the gauges, rather than facing you. Yes, it is a bit cumbersome to have to do a “reach-around” with the key when installing and removing The Club, but with this simple change in procedure you will increase its effectiveness by 100%.

Thanks for the tip VDCdriver.
Here in DC having a manual transmission is as much a deterrent as the club against the mostly teenage car thieves.

VDC: If the thief can’t get the club off, he just cuts the top of the steering wheel off, pops off the club, and drives off. Or if he can get to it, he removes the entire steering wheel, attaches a locking pliers to the spindle, and drives with the pliers.

My Brother-in-Law’s new Blazer (Circa ~1990) was stolen in downtown Philadelphia by simply cutting the steering wheel rim to remove the Club.

The wrap is a great idea though, thanks for sharing.

Ed B.

I am well aware that The Club is just a deterrent, not something that “theft-proofs” a car.
That is one of the reasons why I stopped using mine years ago.
However, anything that slows down a thief could cause that thief to bypass your car, and go to another one–hence my suggestion about using The Club “backwards”.


I use a paging alarm myself. Of course, naturally, ever since it was installed following a breakin, it’s never gone off except when I screw up and set it off.


I’ve used handlebar wrap for various occasions over the years, but I never thought of using it on a steering wheel. This is a great idea, and I know exactly where I’ll use it first. I have a friend with medical difficulties who struggles with holding the steering wheel without pain. This’ll be perfect for her application.

Nice workmanship too.

Hopefully nobody wants a 2006 Matrix that badly. There’s also the chip-in-the-key engine disabler.
Anyway, I do get an insurance discount with The Club

p.s. thanks mountainbike, I’ve had lots of practice wrapping the bars on the bikes I’ve ridden to work for 22 years. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

I tip my hat to you, my friend.

Great tip and I agree that it looks nice along with probably having a more comfortable feel. I may just pirate that idea and use it on some of my cars; all credit to you of course. :slight_smile:

That’s black electrical tape at the ends, if anyone’s wondering

reminds me of the opening scenes from High School High where the guy puts a club on his steering wheel, gets out, sees a group of kids pass by him, turns around and only his steering wheel is left where he parked the car

Here’s the wheel fully wrapped.

Car thieves usually look for quick and easy, a club is a deterrent. A few months ago a guy at work had his radio stolen. I typically leave my doors unlocked, but they picked a 98 car to steal the radio from. I think they know what cars have alarms, and which don’t. I put some camo wrap on my bike, that could be cool, they would not see the steering wheel :slight_smile: now where is that camo chain saw I bought? :wink:

Cig, that even makes a Toyota look good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work. Did you use real cork?

I thought of you yesterday evening. I was passing by some rolls of wrap for tennis rackets.

Not real cork. Some kind of spongy, stretchy stuff.
Here’s what’s on the upper half:

Cool. I’ve used real cork before on my handlebars and it has a nice feel, but its Cf is lower. The stuff you used is better.