RAV4 slipping issue

I have an 08 RAV4 that has an issue when turning left and right and sometimes when taking off from a rolling stop. It seems that the body and engine want to move but the tires do not. I have taken the vehicle to 4 mechanics including dealership and everyone says the transmission is fine, axles and joints are supposed to be fine as well as drive train. I currently have about 25000 miles left on a warranty and don’t want to lose the use of the warranty. Any suggestions.

Are we talking sharp turns here, like when parallel parking?
Is this vehicle new to you?
Is this a manual tranny?
How many miles are on it?

I read this post twice and I still do not know what you mean.

Volvo, I’m not sure, but I think he’s describing the effects of the high load when the wheels are turned sharply and he tries to start from a dead stop in that configuration.

has 100900 miles all wheel drive. I am referring to turns like when you are going into a parking lot or turning a street corner. When you start giving pressing he gas you can feel the tires/wheels on the front only slip when you start taking off. I have had the vehicle for 3 months now.

and it is an automatic

it does have a temp 4wheel drive feature that disengages when the vehicle reaches 40mph

If you haven’t changed all drive train fluids recently, do it now.

The previous owner did not replace the stock wheels and tires, and now you have some big old knobby tires on this do you.


“It does have a temp 4wheel drive feature that disengages when the vehicle reaches 40 mph.” @baxter38544

Just a few thoughts that may not be your problem, but I will mention them anyway.
The vehicle reduces the torque to rear wheels as the car reaches cruising speed when it is no longer accelerating. It does have a locking feature that disengages as the speed increases but the torque to the rear wheels depends upon demand not speed alone. It is in AWD as needed all the time. I hope you are not engaging this locking feature excerpt at very low speeds and in very deep snow or mud. You normally should not use it and let the system work automatically. If you are, it may be your problem. In some Toyota models it also cuts off the traction control and allows your tires to spin and you may think the motor is over revving. Exasperating this situation are tires with poor winter traction.
There are those who have not read the manual and think it’s a four wheel drive engaging button . It is not. It locks the torque 50 to 50 front and rear which can cause the car to bind and act funny when conditions are not severe and your speed builds. DON’t use it under any but the most severe and then only at low speeds and just to start the car. Immediacy turn it off. Otherwise, your RAV behaves like an old style 4wd pick up which is not good for it or you. Especially your pocketbook. Whatever you do, never engage it on dry roads !!!