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Drilled in the wrong spot for oil seal

Was trying to remove output shaft seal by Drilling 3 seal and using slide hammer wood screw to remove. Drilled through some sort of oil Shield behind the seal. Picture is with seal removed. The Shield is loose in there and rotates period started up vehicle put it in Drive and everything seems to turn ok. Is this something I should worry about?

I hope someone esle’s vision is better than mine but I believe that the seal is still there. Attach a photo of what you removed.

I agree with @Rod_Knox. It sure looks like the seal is still in there.


Thanks @Yosemite. I feel sure your eyes are better than mine.

Couldn’t find the one I remove so here’s a picture of the new one

Does the center of that piece spin in the outer shell?

I believe that plate is an oil splash shield. The holes don’t trouble me but the metal chips that may have fallen into the side bearing could be a problem.

When replacing the left axle seal we normally remove the bearing retainer, the housing that the seal is in, then remove the seal. This is easier than fishing the old seal out of the retainer. The bearing retainer is sealed with ATF-RTV.

I agree. That looks like a splash shield and the holes will hurt nothing. Metal chips might be a concern but since they’re so few and so small that might not be a worry at all.

I wouldn’t count on my eyes being better than your’s @Rod_Knox.

My left one has been almost blind for 30+ years.
I recently had surgery to remove a cataract and stabilize the lens that was found to be just floating in there.
They were never worried about the cataract before because I would not gain much vision, but they opted to operate to try to eliminate the headaches that I’ve been suffering with daily for the last two years.
Now that eye sees just enough to make more problems. Through the years that eye has lost it’s coordination with the good eye and now I see double. I’ll be wearing a patch most of the time to eliminate the double vision.

Good thing I don’t work on the bomb squad. “Cut the red wire Yosemite”. “Which red wire”!!!

And I still have the &?%#&% headaches!!!


@yosemite we have talked about our vision problems before, I used to get hay I’ll call sun headaches, and now am never outside without sunglasses, in the daylight hours even while driving, and have not had a sun headache in decades. Unevenly dilated eyes was one Dr.s thought. Hope if you try it it helps. (sorry to be off topic SpudMuffin.