Rear Axle Seal Question

I’m planning to replace my rear axle seal on my '94 isuzu trooper. I have pulled the caliper, rotor, and emergency brake cable, but ive never replaced the axle seal before and want to know if when i pull the rest of the assembly to get to the seal, is a bunch of gear oil going to leak out?

sorry if my description sucks and you cant understand it, but thanks in advance.

Not if you drain the differential first.

If you are on level ground the oil will not run out (unless of course it is over filled). I have replaced seals a couple of times on my 96. It is very easy but watch out for two things. Before you pull out the old one make sure you know which direction it is installed so when you go to put the new one in you knoe which way it faces. The other thing is be real careful tapping the new one in so you do not damage it. Getting it started is a bit of a trick. Good luck.

AKA: If this is a weekend project, buy a spare seal to account for the learning curve.

Jack the vehicle up so the oil runs away from your work…Examine the axle for a wear groove where the seal rides. Try to position the new seal so it rides on a fresh spot…