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Bird Droppings on Black Jeep Paint

I washed bird droppings off my 2019 Jeep Cherokee and it left the spot pictured. It won’t polish out. I have read some similar posts but am interested in any suggestions short of taking it to the dealer for repairs.Thanks!

I hope you don’t think the dealer is going to do this for free. Any detail shop can solve this.

What did you use? Cleaner wax? Clear coat polish? What grade?

As @VOLVO_V70 points out, paint is not a dealer issue. And it certainly isn’t a warranty issue. Any good detail shop could help.

you might want to apply some paint sealant - it will make removing contaminants easier

The clear coat is etched from the acid in the bird dropping.

This has to be buffed out with a buffing compound and a buffer.

And if you’re lucky, that area may not need to be re-clear coated after removing the damage,



Oh, I know dealers do absolutely nothing for free. Thanks for your reply.

It was Meguiar’s Cleaner / Wax - - light-duty stuff I assume. I appreciate your reply.

Yes, light duty. Not polish. Meguires makes a line of polishes from coarse to fine for both machine and hand use. I’d suggest #9 by hand. It is fine stuff but if it looks like the stain is coming out, keep working at it.

What is # 9? Will it work if the clear coat is “etched” as Tester suggested in his post? I should have admitted at the beginning that this is a rental car that I have to return on Monday. I would like to take it back without the blemish but don’t want to make it worse. I’m not sure how the rental company will score this.

Check the rental contract for damage caused by acts of God.


Excellent point - - thanks for that. I will read it carefully.

Just for the record, the numbers don’t mean much. You have to look at the red arrow on the container. The higher up it is, the heavier cut it is. I just bought the rubbing compound and it is about a 9 ($20 at the farm store but noticed it was $34 at AZ-huh?) Then you work your way down to polish at about a 3. Each container is about $15. Plus I just ordered new buffing pads for $47 for three. So rather just take your hit or have a shop polish it if you can find someone. The stuff is not cheap if you aren’t already set up.

I’m not going to take it to a shop. I’ll take the hit if a simple solution doesn’t exist if I must. I’m learning a lot from this though! THANKS!

It would be nice to know the final outcome of this .