DORMAN power window motor

Hello – i just purchased a Dorman power window motor from Autozone to fix the front driver side window of a 1999 Toyota Camry. The motor looks just like the one I removed but the only problem is that the mounting holes on the Dorman are not threaded. I thought maybe I was suppose to try and tap out the inserts from the old one but they do not tap out. I don’t know what to do???


I assume that the bolts fit through the holes in the new motor’s mounting bracket, correct? If so, take a bolt to your favorite hardware store and find a nut that fits; preferably a locking nut. Buy enough for all the mounting bolts. When you thread the nut onto the bolt, you will have to hold the nut in place with a box wrench inside the door while you ratchet the bolt until tight.

Or you could return it to Autozone and ask for one with a threaded flange.

Another option could be do mount the new motor onto the old flange. I’m not familiar with your car and don’t know how easy this is to do. Look at the new one and see how much work is involved in pulling the flange and motor apart.