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Transmission mount etc. trouble

late MY Porsche 944 - going to try a hasty text-only post sans pics first:

I have a new transmission mount (mount A). there are two holes w/o threads that match the holes on another mounting piece (mount B) on the transmission. Mount B is attached to the transmission. mount B has threads that two M8 bolts thread into, securing mount A to mount B.

In my case, mount B cannot be removed (I have tried though - this would be good to discuss on another thread maybe…). I broke a bolt off inside it, so I tapped a new hole. The hole is off-center and off-axis of mount A because I was sloppy. The error is perhaps 5-10%. I figure I have to choose from the following:

  • reaming the unthreaded hole on mount A so the bolt matches up to the tapped hole.
  • re-visit the removal of mount B - including cutting it off (aluminum, soft).
  • try an old mount A as a test, see how it does

what would you do, any different ideas?

UPDATE : here’s a pic of what I am talking about: there’s a bolt in the hole that’s OK - the empty hole is the problem. You can see the a crescent-shaped bit of mount B through the hole of mount A - therefore, that amount has to be removed from mount A on the opposite side to fit the bolt through. … and the mounts are upside-down but anyways, …

Unless this angle is very poor, it doesn’t look that far off.
I’d just get a round file and elongate that hole the 1/8 inch or so.


Thanks @Yosemite‌ - what about opening the hole enough to get a sleeve in there to shim it? Because the work of holding the mounts together is being done by the bolt squeezing the washer down on the very edge of the hole.

I think your washer will that was on it is big ewnough. Yuo could go to the hardware store and find a washer with a bigger Outside Dimention. Just don’t use a fender washer…too thin.


stay tuned…

Come on Junior…I’ve been waiting at the desk since the 1st and you didn’t even start yet.


I cut mount B off. it took a while.

I think my mouse is broken … uploading pics isn’t working well … here’s some more pics for the fun of it.

Don’t lie to us…we know your wife cut that off while you watched the game on Sunday.

So I guess I shouldn’t ask “was the second one easier than the first”!!!

You know we are all going to reccomend you to everybody for changing motor mounts. The phone will be ringing off the hook.


I replaced one today that was a bear to do. You had to get both pieces(the mount and the engine bracket) in between the radiator and the engine. Then wiggle them around to put together before bolting the whole thing up.

It was a pain the first time and not any easier the second time. Yep, wiggling them around to get them together and I somehow got the 02 sensor lead in there. Had to take it all back apart to get the lead out. The lead wasn’t pinched so all the wires were fine, it was just trapped in there.

So let us know if everything went back to gether ok.