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Doors Lock When Radio is Turned Off

We have a 2000 Honda Civic VP. The power door locks quit working from the inside of the car about a year ago, but the keyless entry still works normally. This may be unrelated but the speaker on the driver’s side door would go on and off periodically and finally quit working about the same time as the lock issue. We suspected that the speaker had a short and that we may need a new switch for the locks. The new switch was over 200.00 just for the part so I figured I would live with it for that price. About a week ago I was pulling into the garage and turned off the radio and all of the doors locked. I thought that this was pretty fascinating so I tried it several times and each time the radio is turned off all of the locks go down. Turning on the radio doesn’t do anything to the locks. Any ideas?

That is a strange one alright. I would check to see if the speaker inside the driver’s door has a wiring problem or a connection to one of the speaker wires is grounding out somehow. The trouble may be in the door jam where the wires can get broken due to the wear of bending when the door is opened and closed.