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Radio wont shut off

the driver door wire bundle thru the jamb area was cut and spliced poorly. 12 wires. door locks, mirror, speakers, window lift and maybe other stuff. speaker would crackle sometimes with car off. i soldered wires and speaker works and crackle is gone but i cannot shutoff the radio. nox has RAP for 10 min according to manual or if you open door. opening door does nothing. radio is on. there is no power button. how do i shut it off? overhead lights do come on when i open door and they go off after 30 sec so i am pretty sure the door switch is working

Pull the fuse and pray that it goes off.

We have lots of GM vehicles in our fleet, as I’ve already mentioned . . . their RAP is twenty minutes

I’d wait a little longer

and opening door does what? according to manual it shuts off radio.

Retained Accessory Power is 20 min if I recall correctly, not 10.

Was this problem there before you repaired the door wiring?

Opening the door doesn’t by itself turn off the radio. It simply tell the BCM that the door is open and then BCM commands radio to cease playing. The radio has to always be on standby because the warning chimes for lights on, key in, etc come through the speakers, which means audio system is on.

Sit in the car with it running, turn the key off, and open the door. Do any other RAP powered accessories still operate?

At first I was thinking “RAP” meant the music it was playing … :slight_smile: . so I could understand why you’d want the option to be able to turn it off … lol . but since it seems impossible to turn the radio off in this car, can’t you just turn the volume control all the way down? Doesn’t that accomplish the same thing? Or are you worried the radio is draining the battery?

This isn’t an old school system where you turn the volume knob off until the radio clicks off

Isn’t that obvious . . . ?! :thinking:

I didn’t see the year listed so hard to be definitive. Most gm radios turn on/off by pressing volume button. Found manual online- section 6-7 speaks to both on/off and auto shutoff of 10 minutes. It’s closer to 5 minutes in my tb and opening door immediately turns off radio.

Solder shouldnt be used where wires bend (for example between door and car), the solder will tend to break as solder is brittle. Before you proceed further, might be a good idea to fix mistakes first, then move on to the next level.

I soldered 2 wires and said screw it and used crimp connectors onthe next 10. Shut off car. Radio is on. Open door. Radio stays on. 1/2 hr later radio is off. It’s all good

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Seems like a long time for radio to stay on. On many cars there is a way to adjust the lenth of time accessaries stay on. probably find it in manual