Radio Shut-Off Delay

05 Impala when I shut off the engine and open the door, the radio is still on. Checked to see if lights were coming on in the doors and they weren’t, in fact all four doors don’t have lights on. The only lights that do come on are from the rearview mirror map lights as I don’t have a dome light. Is it BCM, ground wire to something, ignition, or something else. Thanks.

My old Bonneville, from that GM era, does that occasionally, without any rhyme nor reason. The radio usually continues to operate until I shut off the ignition and I open my door and then the radio turns off abruptly.

On my car, what I discovered, on the rare occasion that opening my driver door does not shut it off, that the problem is a sticking switch in the door latch itself.

I can take my car key and just lightly move the moveable part of the latch on the door end and off goes the radio. Then, usually I go a long time without incidence and motor on. I’ve tried lubing the mechanism, without disassembling anything, and that doesn’t seem to end the rare problem. Weather related? I’ve never figured out what triggers it to act up, but it’s way low on my list of every day concerns.

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Or, on a 16 year old car, simply shut off the radio.

I wish I could except it doesn’t. I can press the power button, hit the key fob to lock and walk away. Come back in 5-10 minutes and it is still on.

Obviously there is a built in kill switch if the computer detects voltage draw after 15 minutes it will stop whatever is drawing power off.

It would be nice to actually have it shut off on it’s own once I leave the car or rather open the door like it is intended to do.

Yes it is 16 years old and if it is a relatively easy fix then why not fix it. Is there a age limit on fixing something on a vehicle?

Hi Theswedking:
Take a look at this video:
Radio won't shut off

Your problem is likely one of your four door switches. The video shows diagnosing it on a vehicle with a small light on the door. I don’t know if your Impala has a light on the door, like the video shows, but if it does, then your diagnosis might be easy.

Let us know what you find.

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As I discussed earlier, with radio still on, I’d take a key, golf tee, small crew driver, etcetera, open the driver door, look in the latch on the door, and with the probe slightly move the latch mechanism. If I recall, the part of the latch that is the electrical switch is made of black plastic.

When mine exhibits the symptom described (radio won’t shut off when opening driver door), then trying what I recommend, shuts the radio off immediately.

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