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85 grand prix not getting any power HELP!

so, i started up the car this morning and drove it just fine, but the drivers door wouldnt open when getting out. so i took apart the side panel to fix the latch along with the electric lock switch that also didnt work to unlock the door. when trying to push the unlock button, i noticed my deck stopped playing music, then cut back on. i tried again, and then it cut off once more, but this time it didnt cut back on…PLEASE HELP!!!

There may be a broken wire in the lock circuit that is causing a short when the switch is moved. Check the fuses to see if there are any blown ones. If you don’t find any bad fuses verify power is getting to the radio and check the grounding to the chassis.

i didnt find any blown fuses, and there is no power whatsoever, maybe a bad ground?

Does the passenger side door still lock and unlock when you press the switch?
If yes, you need to replace the door lock actuator on the driver’s door.

It has gone bad, and when you activate the switch, the power dips in the car because of the resistance caused by that failed door lock.


the lock still moves up and down manually, but as a result of the switch, the car has lost all power, it’s like a battery isn’t even in the car