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Sluggish door locks 2010 honda civic

So I’ve got a 2010 Honda Civic Sedan. Recently the door locks on all the doors but the driver door have become weak. In that when you hit the lock or unlock button they may or may not fully lock/unlock. And if you listen they sound like motors thjat are not getting enough power. I had the battery and alternator checked and they both come back fine. Initially I thought it was just the passanger door but after more investigation it seems to be all but the drivers door. Ideas?

Almost forgot. Does not matter if the car is running of not. Again my first thought was weak battery but since it happens while the engine is on too and the battery alternator were tested and are fine… sigh. Head scratcher.

These things can be very hard to figure out. My first thought (because it’s fairly easy to do) is to check or have checked the connections between the wiring and the master window and lock controller in the driver’s armrest.

Since the driver door is fine, it just may be a lubrication issue.

This sounds like the door lock actuator may be bad. Try googling “honda door lock actuator problems”. It brings up stories about recalls, and class action lawsuits. I didn’t read them, but your car might be covered under an extended recall. Check with a dealer before you spend the money yourself.

On Hondas, those three sluggish actuators are on a separate circuit and possibly relay. Maybe connector problem or MICU (multiplex integrated control unit) issue.

you may have an electrical problem with your wiring. I would try and unlock each door individually. That is, lock all but one door and see if it opens when you hit the key fop, then rotate and do the same with another door and so on. If one of the offending doors unlocks you surely have a wiring problem. Perhaps a shaved wire or even a short. From there it would be easier to identify which door is causing the problem by repeating the test with two doors and then three. I can’t believe you have a mechanical problem that occurred on three doors at the same time.

Thank you for all the great replies. It got me thinking. I did go though a lock and unlock the doors individually. It looks like it might be sourced from the Front Right Door. As when its having to do work it drags the rest of them down too. Or so it seemed to me. I went ahead and ordered an OEM right front door actuator. 50 bones with shipping, and will let you know how it goes. I guess I could also pull the door apart and unplug the unit and see it that makes the rest of them happy.

I’ve also started the process of tracking down the door lock relay. Glancing at the relay’s under the hood its not immediately clear if its located there. Still in the early search stages.