Door lock won’t work

Anyone have a problem with the button that m the door handle, I can open the doors ok but can’t lock the doors no matter which front door I try. I have the 2018 Sonata SEL Plus with smart key.

Whether or not someone else has the same problem is immaterial.
Your Sonata is under warranty, have it fixed.

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I will, just wondering what the cause is.

After it is repaired under warranty you can have them tell you why it happened.

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Hi golferace2. I think what they’re telling you is they’re not sure what the cause is. Good luck - once you find out, c’mon back and let us know. Somebody else in your position may come looking someday.

In addition to above comments, you might be the first to have this problem!

Lots of people here are interested to hear how well dealers and carmakers are performing warranty work. Good luck and please let us know how it goes.

As it turns out, it’s now working.