Door hinge makes it hard to open door - how to fix?

The right rear door on my 90 Camry is rarely used and requires a lot of force to open. I assume I need to clean out the hinges and then lube with silicone grease. My question, how best to clean out the hinges? Just keep spraying in silicone grease? Is there a better way?

WD-40 works miraculously; just spray a lot on, gently open the door a number of times, spray on more, and keep this up till the door turns freely. Then wipe it clean and apply a regular door lubricant purchased from an auto supply store.

After I had to replace the door hinge pins on my 2000 Blazer, I started using a grease that comes in a spray can. It sprays on thin and penetrates the hinge. Once the solvent evaporates, it thickens to a grease consistency. I found it at Napa. It’s a little expensive but works well.

If the link doesn’t work, do a search for “spray grease” on the Napa site.

Ed B.

Clean and loosen up with penetrating lube first, then use a white lithium grease for hinges and latches. It comes in an aerosol can.

Yes, I bought some too. I’s great stuff; gets in the narrow spaces a regular grease can’t access.