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Best Lubricant for doors on blazer and where?

My 03 blazer has doors that are not closing as easily as they should, my favorite lubricant is lps 2, As I have a big can I use on the bike, what points (as there is 1 that must be behind the door panel) and what lubricant should I use? If you wish to make a suggestion for a squeaky rear hatch lifter thingy also it would be appreciated. And as the grand finale any suggestions for windows that freeze shut would be most appreciated.

id say just put some wd for on the hinges. on the inside when you open it… mine were doing that on my camaro. it worked??

You could check the owner’s manual, which at least used to have a recommended lubrication and interval for doing the hinges, latches, etc.

Generally, I use some sort of white lithium grease for anything that looks like it usually needs lubrication and will use WD-40 for things that usually aren’t greased but aren’t moving well or are squeaking just from rust. For the squeaky rear hatch, sometimes some silicone spray on the weather seal will help, but usually the incessant squeaking is from something loose. Sometimes sticking a bit of foam or cloth between the thing that’s squeaking can work too.

I use CRS at this time for hinges, latches, ect.
The siicone is good but not good on windows and paint.
So use it on a cloth. IMO

If you mean the doors are not latching quickly, as in taking 3 or 4 slams to close them, the problem is likely related to the door latch assembly and/or the striker pin or possibly worn door hinges.

The door latch can often be worked free with some aerosol carb cleaner and a little wriggling. The striker pin (on the door jam) is usually adjustable (a little) and this requires some trial and error movement.

Rubbing a little WD-40 or a silicone based grease on the window rubber can prevent the glass freezing to the rubber. Within reason of course.

The easiest lubricant to use is a grease that is dissolved in light solvent and dispensed from an aerosol can. The idea is that it penetrates like WD40, then the solvent evaporates leaving a heavy grease that will stay in there a long time.

White lithium grease fits this description.

You can also get Chain and Cable lube from an auto parts store or motorcycle shop. This is conventional grease dissolved in light solvent. Some brands are better than others. I don’t like the ones that make foam as they come out of the can (e.g. McKays). They don’t penetrate well.

I use this stuff all over my cars. Hinges, cables locks, everything that moves, and I drive all my cars for around 20 years.

Thanks for the reminder about the chain lube. It really works.
I have had great success with a “dry” lube RZ-50. It does not pick up crud like WD-40 will.

i would not use WD40. It will gum up. I prefer white lithuim. Often the problem with latches is that nobody lubes the hinges, then the hinge pins wear and door shifts and the latch no longer lines up correctly.