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All my car doors creak very loudly!

My car doors creak very loudly when opening/closing. It’s embarrassing. I have tried 3 different sprays: Silicone spray, WD40, and PB Blaster! None of these worked and now I don’t know what to do. I’d like to fix minor problems myself instead of always having to go to a mechanic and having them charge me an arm & a leg. The only thing I do notice on the hinges of the doors is rust. I have had this car for 1 1/2 yrs and they’ve been creaking for about 6 months. I live in the city and no where near the ocean or out in the country where you find sand. So I just don’t understand why this happened. Does anyone else have any solutions? Thank You!

If any of those products were sprayed into the source of the squeaking there should have been an immediate elimination of the noise. If you thoroughly lubed the hinges, how about the door stop mechanisms?

Hi Rod Knox. I sprayed every nook and cranny & hinge. Basically, anything that is attached to the doors I sprayed heavily. Still, nothing worked. The doors still make this loud creaking sound when I open/close them. I am at my wits end and don’t have any other solution.

@aricht41 is the door also sagging?

If you get a mechanics stethoscope and probe the hinges and door frame while moving the door you might identify the source of the noise. I am very curious regarding the cause. If you try that method please post your results.

Are you saying that you get this noise as the door is moving? If the door was opened half way, and you moved it a short distance in one direction, and then back the other way, and repeated that, would you hear it stop and start and stop and start? If so, then it’s got to be in the hinges somehow. I’d have to guess that the lube has not penetrated far enough into the hinges to reach the actual contact point. That rust you mention could soak up a lot of lube before you really get to the contact surfaces.

I would try the technique that Tom and Ray talk about often: get a piece of hose and use it as a listening device to locate the spots where the noise comes from. Or spring $10 and buy an automotive stethescope. EDIT: looks like Rod posted his advice about the stethescope while I was writing my post.

It’s a long shot, but do your hinges have any kind of nylon bushings in them? I have no idea if there would be, but I’ve seen that once, and the bushings were worn badly. In that case, the doors did not close properly due to sag, as db4690 mentioned. If you have worn bushings it may be necessary to replace them to get rid of the noise.