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Sticky Door Latch

My wife has a 1999 Jeep Cherokee and I’m getting to the point of using a sledge hammer to push the button that opens up the rear doors as they are so difficult to push. I’ve tried WD-40 but it doesn’t seem to help. Any Ideas?

Where are you spraying the WD-40? If you’re spraying the push button it won’t do much good.

You need to remove the inner panel from the rears and lubricate the mechanism inside the door. The door latch itself can also be lubricated.

WD-40 is not the correct thing to use for this. It’s great for displacing moisture, but as a lubricant it won’t last very long and you’ll be back where you started.

The owner’s manual for the vehicle may provide some information about what to use on the latch and associated parts.

Thank you, I don’t have a manual so would spray lithium grease work?

Use PB Blast or white lithuim